Signature Cakes

Chocolate and Strawberry Kitkat Cake

Rich chocolate sponge with a light strawberry mouse filling, decorated with a kit kat collar and topped with chocolate covered strawberries.

R450 per cake / 20cm


Chocolate Ganache Cake

Choice of either vanilla or chocolate sponge, covered with a thick, devilish layer of chocolate ganache, topped with various sweet toppings.

R450 per cake / 20cm



Oreo Brookie Layer Cake

4 layers of sinful deliciousness, starting with a cookie dough layer, oreo sponge, banana sponge and then finally a brownie layer, all topped with milk chocolate buttercream, ganache drip and various cookies

R800 per cake / 20cm


Blueberry and Banana Cake

A delicate blueberry and banana sponge, lightly frosted with a mild lemon buttercream to fully compliment the spectrum of flavors. Topped with fresh blueberries and lemon curd

R500 per cake / 20cm


Browned Butter and Pecan Cake

Rich, dark browned butter sponge, with a generous spread of pecans. Frosted with a brown butter frosting and topped with freshly chopped pecan nuts. 

R450 per cake / 20cm


Peach Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese

Epic twist on a classic. Smooth, crumbly carrot cake, with cling peaches baked into the sponge, and frosted with a peach cream cheese

R580 per cake / 20cm


Lemon Meringue Cake

Lemony chiffon sponge, with a smooth lemon curd between the layers. Finished off with a light Italian meringue and toasted to perfection

R450 per cake / 20cm



Chocolate, Marshmallow and Biscuit mashup sponge, with a light chocolate mousse frosting, topped with Italian meringue and toasted marshmallows

R500 per cake / 20cm


Caramel Cappucino

Caramel sponge, salted to perfection. Topped off with cappuccino mousse and freshly roasted coffee beans

R400 per cake / 20cm


Cardamom and Coffee

Rich coffee and cardamom sponge, frosted with mascarpone and topped with fresh seasonal fruits

R500 per cake / 20cm


Chocolate Chip

Chocolate chip sponge, overloaded with the finest Malaysian chocolate chips. Frosted with a light vanilla sponge and topped with cookies

R400 per cake / 20cm


Salted Caramel and Fig *Seasonal*

Salted caramel naked sponge cake, with light vanilla and fig frosting, topped with fresh and braised figs.

R450 per cake / 20cm


Hazelnut Meringue

Nutella sponge, with a light hazelnut and roasted white chocolate mousse between the layers, covered with hazelnut frost and decorated to a chocolatiers delight

R450 per cake / 20cm


Rocky Road

As the name suggests, an over the top, rocky road sponge with all the bells and whistles. Frosted with chocolate frosting and decorated to resemble the classic

R500 per cake / 20cm


Blackout Chocolate

Chocolate sponge, chocolate frosting, and chocolate chip cover. A complete chocolate blackout. 

R400 per cake / 20cm


Wild Berry and Mascarpone

As the name suggests, a wild berry pound cake, frosted with a tangy mascarpone cream. Topped with seasonal berries.

R450 per cake / 20m