Playful Cakes

Please note that all our playful cakes are round and made up of four layers of cake and filling. For tier cakes, each single tier is also made up of three layers of cake and filling. Please see the following as an approximate guide for the number of servings for each size. These may differ more or less depending on how the cake is sliced & served.

18cm: 6-8 servings

20cm: 10-15 servings

22cm: 16-20 servings

26cm: 25+ servings

Tier Cakes

16cm + 22cm: 25+ servings

18cm + 26cm: 40+ servings

16cm + 22cm + 26cm: 50+ servings

Cake Flavors

Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Raspberry Vanilla, Banana Nutella, Chocolate Coffee, Vanilla Cream Cheese, Dark chocolate and orange, Blueberry, salted caramel

Drip Flavours

All drips are made with chocolate ganache, so please specify upon ordering what flavor you would like so we can accomodate

Frosting Flavours

Cream cheese, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, salted caramel, cappuccino, nutella and bubblegum

*For flavours not mentioned above, please contact us so we can accommodate*

All of our signature cake prices include the cake & the decor. Color palette is customizable with a maximum of 2-3 color choices, and any cake flavor from the menu can be chosen.

Kindly Note: Each cake is handcrafted, styled individually & unique, with no two cakes being the same. The colors & selection of candies & chocolates for each cake are subject to availability and season. Should there be a topping you would prefer, please advise us and we would love to accommodate. Please see images as a guide only. All prices are stated in ZAR.

Rainbow the Unicorn

20cm – R670


50 Shades of Chocolate

R450 / 20cm

Chocolate Dreams

FullSizeRender 5

20cm – R430

2 Tier Chocolate Dreams

16cm+22cm – R780

(Two flavor choices for two tier cakes)

Candy Carnival


20cm – R430

2 Tier Candy Carnival

16cm+22cm – R790

(Two flavor choices for two tier cakes)

Ice Cream on the Beach


20cm – R420

Dark Carnival


20cm – R450

Fire and Ice

20cm – R360