Ice Cream Cakes

The Gingerbread House offers delicious ice cream cakes to all the creamy lovers out there. Our ice cream cakes come in a standard 20cm cake, can be layered with different flavours and covered with either a delicious buttercream, creamy chocolate ganache or light and fluffy mousse. Ice cream cakes start at R500 per cake, depending on covering and decor.

As we make our own ice cream, we can do a large variety of different cakes.

Here is our “standard” flavor list:





Bar One


Raspberry and Lemon

Chocolate and Orange

Amarula and Caramel

Salted Caramel

Honey and Almond

Berry Goodness

Bubblegum Pop

Creme Soda

Lavender and Honey

Rosemary and Olive oil

White Chocolate and Basil

Fig and Thyme

Rocky Road

Green Tea


We need at least 10 days notice for an ice cream cake as we need to make the ice cream to order. Cakes are assembled the night before and stored in the freezer. Please make sure upon collection that you have an air-conditioned car to keep the cake as cool as possible while transporting. We supply a polystyrene box with the order to keep the cake cool.


Should you wish to order something in a different size/shape or something a little more personal, contact us for a quote. We love to accommodate crazy and wacky orders, so please don’t hesitate!


Our ice cream is made from eggs, so this is not a suitable option for vegans/vegetarians. Unfortunately, due to the process we make our ice cream, we cannot accommodate vegan/vegetarian friendly ice cream cakes.