Custom Cakes

Custom Cakes

The Gingerbread House’s custom cakes are creations that are outside of our regular cake collection. These include character/sports cakes, cakes with figurines or dolls, shaped cakes, tiered wedding cakes, etc. The cakes are custom designed and handcrafted to suit your needs and specifications.


These cakes are priced from R500 to over R4000 depending on size, style and design.


We endeavour to give you the closest replica and highest quality of custom cake. Please keep in mind, no two cakes are the same and we try to make a cake unique to you.


As we are based in Johannesburg, we currently only offer custom cakes in the Gauteng area. Should you wish to have some collect and deliver a cake to you, we can have a cake made up and packaged, ready for your courier.


Please contact us for your custom cake request and we will happy to see if we can accommodate.


Dates for custom cakes are limited and subject to availability, we recommend for you to book 6-8 weeks in advance to avoid disappointment.